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Creative Writing

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The Kwantlen Creative Writing Department is a community of creativity in which writers discover a purposeful craft and explore the gifts of the imagination. We offer award-winning faculty, small class sizes, and a wealth of online courses for learners not able to visit the Kwantlen campus.

In-person courses are offered in Surrey, Langley, and Richmond. In the first year, learners discover the craft of fiction, poetry and screenwriting. In second year, writers work on selected projects such as a book of poetry or a collection of short stories. In third year and fourth year, seasoned writers begin to work toward publication by way of advanced, genre-specific courses offered on rotation.

Teaching in the Creative Writing Department is based on foundational principles of mentorship, humility, discovery, purposefulness, and learner autonomy. Faculty demonstrate an authentic spirit of inquiry intended as a model for learners. In turn, learners engage with a teaching environment that is collaborative, innovative, creative, and respectful. We embrace emerging and experimental teaching methods and research-driven pedagogy in support of a dynamic educational community that is learner-focused, innovative, interdisciplinary, and socially and culturally responsible. In the Creative Writing Department, learner engagement extends beyond the classroom to encompass community and industry partners and peers.

We nurture personal commitment, leadership skills, and community responsibility. Learners examine and develop their values, goals, and character through the integration of personal, academic, creative, and professional inquiry. We provide broad learning experiences that facilitate critical awareness and critical thinking skills, cultural sensitivity, social responsibility, civic engagement, and global citizenship. Our learning environment encourages lifelong learning.

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