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FAQs | Creative Writing

Are there prerequisites for Creative Writing 1100?
Yes, a B in English.

I didn't get a B. Will the instructor still let me in?
It depends. Ask an instructor's permission to submit a portfolio of writing, then let her or him decide. The chances are good if you have been out of school for some years.

What are the prerequisites to take Creative Writing 1110?
A minimum of C+ in Creative Writing 1100.

Does Kwantlen Polytechnic University offer a BA or BFA program in Creative Writing?
Yes. We offer a BA Minor in Creative Writing and a BA Major in Creative Writing.

What is the average age of your students?
The majority of our daytime students are 19 to 25. Evening students tend to be a little older. We welcome students of all ages. We are also starting to see students who already have degrees take Kwantlen writing courses in order to get portfolios of work in three genres so they can apply to graduate school.

How many of your courses are offered online?
A great number. Please see the calendar

Do students who are registered majors in your program get preference in registration?
Yes, they do.

Do students who are registered minors get preference too?
Yes, if someone is declared in the minor at the 3rd year level, they will have access to the upper-level courses in the first three days of registration. All others not declared in the major or minor will have to wait until the “Program Hold” is lifted, usually the fourth day of registration.

What do I do if I want to add either a minor or another major to my BA in Creative Writing?
Students wanting double-majors or a major with a minor should make an appointment with one of the BA Degree Advisors  or email You need to plan your courses out properly to avoid a delay in graduation.

Kwantlen offers writing courses on three campuses. What kind of student experience can I expect when you’re so spread out?
Upper level courses are offered at our main campus in Surrey. That’s where The Writing Guild meets, one of Kwantlen’s most popular and successful student clubs. Any Kwantlen student is welcome to join. You can become as involved as you like. The Guild invites speakers, does workshopping and has a lot of fun. Contact them at, OR on Facebook, type in to the FB search “The Kwantlen Creative Writing Guild”

What do I do if I’ve already taken classes in a particular genre at another institution and yet I don’t meet the criteria to register for Kwantlen’s upper level courses?
Get in touch with the Chair, Nicola Harwood,

What do I do if I already have a Master's Degree and Kwantlen Admissions tells me I don't meet the requirement in English?
Get in touch with the Chair, as per above.