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NCLEX Boot Camp - For RNs (formerly Canadian Registered Nurse Exam Preparation) PNUR 1199*

Course Description

Due to low demand, please contact our office if interested in this workshop as it is currently not offered for registration

This intensive exam preparation is for nurses who are preparing to write the NCLEX national exam for Registered Nurses (RN). The boot camp consists of face to face interactive workshops (participants can Skype to participate) to help RN candidates prepare for the key content areas of the NCLEX exam.  The workshops are set up to launch nurses into a three month prep prior to writing the NCLEX (ex. attending a March workshop is ideal for those writing June/July).  Sign up for each two-day workshop individually or sign up for all three workshops as a package for a discount.  Once registered, candidates can begin preparing through the Elsevier Evolve NCLEX website in advance of the workshops.  Access is provided through the instructor.

The workshops are designed to maximize opportunities to learn and practice test taking techniques, and to discuss problematic exam questions. RN candidates will learn strategies for answering multiple choice and alternative exam questions, practice answering exam questions, review and discuss exam questions and answers and have multiple opportunities to improve overall scores during exam writing. A workshop website will be available to provide detailed explanations of the NCLEX exam and specifically the CAT design and how the exam is scored and pass/fail decisions made.

Each workshop focuses on specific content area and is 8 hours in length, consisting of 2 evenings in a computer lab onsite at KPU. Registration includes one year access to Elsevier Evolve NCLEX exam preparation materials which can be started once registered.  Email our office once registered to obtain the Elsevier website access code.  Prior to the first workshop RN candidates will write a diagnostic pre-test and receive a customized study plan. After the first evening, the instructor will meet individually with each candidate and provide an analysis of individual strengths and weaknesses related to test taking strategies.

The NCLEX boot camps are designed to enhance your ability to correctly answer exam questions. Although the workshops focus on specific content areas, there are multiple opportunities to increase knowledge specific to the practice questions; specific content unrelated to the practice questions will not be taught. The Elsevier Evolve preparation materials provide a detailed review of nursing knowledge in a modular system and are provided for candidate’s self- study for 1 year. For candidates that purchased the package rate and are not successful writing the NCLEX following the boot camp, continued support will be provided.  KPUS's current success rate is 100%.

  • Workshop #1 Topic - Adult Health & Gerontology
  • Workshop #2 Topic - Pharmacology, Lab Results, Fluids and electrolytes/Acid base balance, ECG Interpretation & Leadership and Clinical Decision Making
  • Workshop #3 Topic - Pediatrics & Maternity

Course Format

Access to the Elsevier Evolve NCLEX Preparation website begins once registration is processed, with instructor support.  The workshops are delivered through face to face interaction (participants can Skype to attend) at KPU's Langley campus.  Each two-day workshop is eight (8) hours in length, delivered over two evenings.  Learners decide which two-day workshop(s) to attend, discount available if purchasing all three workshops as a package.   For those who register for the Boot Camp "package rate", if unsuccessful writing the NCLEX after having attended the three NCLEX Boot camps, RN candidates are encouraged to connect back with our office for continued support.

Course Cost

$400.00 CAD, plus GST for each individual 2-day workshop or

$800.00 CAD, plus GST if purchasing all three workshops as a package  (Please note: All Faculty of Health, Professional Studies course fees are non-refundable/non-transferrable.)  (Please note: All Faculty of Health, Professional Studies course fees are non-refundable/non-transferrable.)


How to Register

Registration is completed via Flexreg.  The course to search is PNUR 1199.  Select either one individual 2-day workshop or the package of all 3 workshops for a discount.  If registering for two individual workshops (not the package or a single workshop), please contact our office to register.  Once registered, please email the office to request Elsevier Evolve access code

Registration deadline

Learners are encouraged to register early as the course will not run if enrolment is low.  Early registration provides access to the Elsevier Evolve website and knowledge preparation can begin immediately with instructor support.  Registration closes three days before the start of the first in-class session. 

Current Course Schedule

Current course schedules are available on Flexreg by searching for PNUR 1199, select "Course Details", and select "Meeting times".

Text books/Course Materials

Internet access required.  Wi-Fi technology not recommended for quiz/exams.  Online course modality may not be fully functional when utilizing iPads &/or android devices.

Participants will be provided access to Elsevier NCLEX Exam Preparation materials once registered, to use ahead of the workshops, during the workshops and on their own for continued exam preparation following the two-day workshop for up to one year.


Please contact our Program Assistant at 604.599.2232 or email

Please note:  Applicants intending to register for Consolidated Clinical (PNUR 1130) are required to show proof of English proficiency.  Please see the Consolidated Clinical website for full details.