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Specialized Clinical Course PNUR 9020

Course Description

Learners will demonstrate nursing knowledge, skills and abilities under the guidance of an RN in a health care practice setting.

Course Format

This is an offsite course and placements are secured at George Pearson Hospital in Vancouver and could include evening and weekend shifts for 400 hours.  Placement start dates will occur at any time during the semester following registration.  Start dates are determined by the facility based on student volume and are not adjustable by the student.  It is recommended that students reside in the lower mainland following registration for Specialized Clinical as placement start dates can be short notice.  Applicants are not permitted to seek their own placements/preceptors as all placements will be arranged by KPU's Professional Studies office.  Please note: Applicants who do not accept the placement location as assigned will receive non-mastery in the course and the course fee will not be refunded.

Please note:  Applicants intending to register for Consolidated Clinical (PNUR 1130 and PNUR 9020) are required to show proof of English proficiency.  Please see the Consolidated Clinical website for full details.

Course Cost

$3,000.00 CAD, plus GST 

Course Grade

Successful grade for this course is Mastery

Learners who are not successful in PNUR 9020, Specialized Consolidated Clinical are required to contact their Canadian Nursing Regulatory Body for advisement if they are not successful after their first attempt. No exceptions. Please note, there is no appeal mechanism within KPU for students receiving non-mastery.

Entrance Requirements

Please see the website for Consolidated Clinical PNUR 1130 for the full list of entrance requirements

Proof of English Language Proficiency is required.  We accept IELTS and CELBAN only.  Minimum IELTS scores accepted are: Speaking 7.0; Listening 7.5; Reading 6.5; Writing 7.0; Overall 7.0.  Minimum CELBAN scores accepted are: Speaking 8.0; Listening 10.0; Reading 8.0; Writing 7.0.

How to Register for the Specialized Clinical Course (PNUR 9020)

STEP ONE:     

Prior to purchasing a seat in the Clinical course, you will need to have obtained all the prerequisites, and are in possession of all required documents. If you are missing any of the prerequisites noted on the PNUR 1130 website or have not yet mastered the recommended education do not proceed to step two.


Upon confirmation of STEP ONE, using FLEXReg, the online registration program, search the FLEXReg website and determine if there are available seats for purchase in the course PNUR 9020.

  1. The link to FLEXReg is on our website homepage
  2. Search for the course PNUR 9020
  3. If the course shows “0” seats available, you can contact our office to determine if there are available seats for the current semester.  Seats are based on the facility's availability.
  4. If there are seats available for purchase, please scan your original documents (all the prerequisite documents stated above) and send them to our office via email from your KPU email.
  5. If you are missing any of the documents, please do not send the email as you are not authorized to purchase a seat. Please note, there are no refunds for course registration.


Within a week (unless the office is closed for holidays), the Faculty of Health Professional Studies Office will contact you via email upon reviewing your scanned documents.  All emails will be responded to in the order they are received, follow-up emails and phone calls are not required.  Please enable your email tracking options prior to sending the email if you require proof of delivery receipt.  Duplicate emails are not required.

  1. If any documents are missing or incomplete, you will not be authorized to purchase a seat and you will be notified
  2. If all documents are received, and are complete, you will be advised that you are eligible to purchase a seat in the course
  3. You must be available to come to the Faculty of Health Professional Studies Office in Langley, BC in person within one week of purchase. 
  4. Only purchase a seat in Clinical if you are able to travel to our offices in person within one week of purchasing a seat as seats are not held
  5. Failure to attend a meeting in the Faculty of Health Professional Studies Office in Langley, BC within one week of purchase, will forfeit your registration and no refund will be issued
  6. Please note, seats are sold on a ‘first come, first served’ basis and authorization from our office does not guarantee a seat will be available for purchase


When you are ready and if seats are available, purchase a seat in the specialized clinical course, on the Faculty of Health, Professional Studies webpage, click on the “FLEXReg” link and search PNUR 9020. Follow the instructions to register and pay using VISA or MASTERCARD.

If there are no available seats for the course, please refer to step one above.  Authorization to purchase a seat in Clinical applies only to the current semester in which registrations are being accepted as prerequisites expire.


Once a seat is purchased for clinical, please email our office within 48 hours to book your meeting appointment. The appointment must occur within one week (7 days) of purchasing the seat.

  1. This is an in person appointment only
  2. You cannot send someone to represent you
  3. You must bring all of the original prerequisites with you, copies are not accepted
  4. You will be required to complete the Canadian Criminal Record Check forms provided by our office
    1. The cost for the Canadian Criminal Record Check is currently $28.00 (Cdn), payable by VISA or MASTERCARD only
    2. You are required to bring two current pieces of government issued identification to this meeting.
    3. Please note, one form of government issued identification must have your photograph, signature, and birthdate
  5. Failure to attend a meeting in the Faculty of Health Professional Studies Office in Langley, BC within one week of purchase, will forfeit your registration and no refund will be issued

Registration deadline

Registration closes once all the seats are full or one month after the start of the semester to allow enough time to place all students. 

Current Course Schedule

Current course schedules are available on our main webpage for Professional Studies Health and on the online registration system Flexreg

Text Books/Course Materials

Internet access required.  Wi-Fi technology not recommended for quiz/exams.  Online course modality may not be fully functional when utilizing iPads &/or android devices

Drug Guidebookone of the following:

  • Recommended: Lippincott Drug Guide (latest edition) OR
  • Davis Drug Guide (latest edition)


Please contact our Program Assistant at 604.599.2232 or email