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Multi-Faith Centre

The KPU Multi-Faith Centre is a coalition of diverse faith and secular communities offering students, faculty, and staff an open door, an open mind and an open heart of care and advocacy.

Chaplains at the Multi-Faith Centre are here to:

  • Respect the diversity of faith-based and secular worldviews
  • Encourage individuals on their spiritual journey
  • Inspire thoughtful, integrated, virtuous living
  • Collaborate with people of all faiths and secular worldviews for the common good

Working together we:

  • Create spaces of solace and sanctuary, dialogue and discovery
  • Provide respectful alternatives for the questioning mind
  • Connect people to local faith and secular communities and to global causes

Drop by for a cup of coffee or tea, some conversation, and a snack for the road.

Interfaith Harmony

We are now accepting multimedia submissions for United Nations World Interfaith Harmony Week at KPU.

Submit your contribution to Interfaith Harmony Week at KPU


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