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Why visit a chaplain?

The KPU community is welcome to talk to any of our chaplains regardless of their representative tradition. You can visit a chaplain to chat about person, spiritual, or philosophical issues. Chaplains are supportive listeners who are on campus to support your well-being.

KPU Richmond

Jennifer Roosma

Jennifer, a member of the Tapestry Church in Richmond, has an M.A. in Applied Theology from Regent College. Jennifer's other hat is medical - she is a GP working part- time as a surgical assistant in the operating room.

Jennifer and her husband Gary and children served in East Malaysia, Borneo, for 10 years, where she was actively involved in encouraging young people in their studies and life decisions.

Jennifer is mother to three sons. Her hobbies include include bike- riding, cooking and Israeli folk- dancing, her and Gary's weekly date night for many years!

Jennifer Roosma Profile

Marty Shoemaker

Dr. Marty Shoemaker (Dr. Shoe) is a semi-retired psychologist of 40 years, now working on his encore career of engaging students in finding a worldview which makes sense to them. He is a long time member of the BC Humanist Association and a former member of the Social Science faculty at Douglas College.

Marty is currently working on a book on secular humanism and is a proud grandfather, fly fisherman, football spectator and golfer.

Marty Shoemaker Photo

Christoph Reiners

An immigrant to Canada and ordained in 1994, Christoph is the pastor of Our Saviour Lutheran Church in Richmond. Christoph believes that while people of faith don’t have all the answers, that faith can lead to asking the right questions and help reveal God’s love and concern for the world. He and his wife Jackie have three children, and, in addition to being a pastor, Christoph loves the outdoors, including riding his bike, hiking and skiing. He looks forward to meeting you!

Christoph Reiners

KPU Surrey

Ethan Vanderleek

Ethan is a member of Fleetwood Christian Reformed Church. Born and raised in Surrey, BC, Ethan has wandered the globe studying and exploring philosophy, spirituality, and Christian theology.

Ethan sings, plays guitar and harmonica, and is in a folk-rock band called The Translators. He loves good beer, food, and conversation on spirituality, philosophy, theology, music, movies, books and politics. He also loves Ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, and swing dancing.

Ethan Vanderleek Photo

Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi

For over 20 years, Shaykh Nurjan has dedicated his life to spreading the Islamic teachings of love, acceptance, respect and peace. Over the past eight years, Shaykh Nurjan has founded numerous educational and charitable organizations. In the Greater Vancouver region alone, he has established the following:

  • Ahle Sunnah wal Jama of BC – a resource for authentic content, books, and articles from the Quran and Sunnah from around the world.
  • Hub e Rasul Conference – a series of monthly Milad and Mehfil-e-Zikr events, currently held at the Fiji Islamic Center.
  • Naqshbandi Islamic Centre of Vancouver – a place for people of all faiths and beliefs to attend weekly Zikr programs (circles of remembrance) three times a week (Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays).
  • SMC – an outreach organization that spreads teachings to the Western audience including concepts such as meditation, charity, and reaches out to other faiths to increase peace, love, and acceptance in the interfaith environment.
  • Simply Iman Cloud University – an international online platform allowing people from around the world to pursue studies in various aspects of faith and spirituality from a classical Islamic perspective.
  • Fatima Zahraa Helping Hand – a charity organization which runs a food program every two weeks, feeding more than 500 less-fortunate people in the downtown eastside of Vancouver. It also collects clothing and non-perishable food items for the BC Muslim Food Bank and the Burnaby Homeless Shelter.

Shaykh Nurjan has also established an international presence through many social media outlets including Facebook and YouTube channels with over 300 videos, and a comprehensive website,

KPU Multi-Faith Chaplain Shaykh Nurjan Mirahamadi

Skye Lynn Fulton

Skye’s name means, "misty island, refreshing water brooke." Skye loves refreshing conversations and enjoys relating to students in their everyday life. Her favourite word is "koinonia," Greek for "community and the coming together of people."

Skye has lived, taught and worked around the world. She trained in vocal music and has an MA in communications journalism. Skye and her husband, Randy, embrace their work of welcoming international students to Canada.

Skyte Fulton Photo

Are you currently an active faith representative/chaplain who is interested in volunteering your time to support this initiative as a Multi-Faith Centre Chaplain on a KPU campus? For more information, please contact: