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Richmond Farm School

Thank you for your interest in the Richmond Farm school. The farm school will be taking the year of 2017 to work on restructuring the program. We strive to offer an improved educational opportunity for those interested in exploring small, intensive urban and community focused agriculture! Even though the Richmond Farm School will not be offered in 2017, the Tsawwassen Farm School offers similar curriculum and practical experience and is now open for registration. 


We are excited about this opportunity to use what we've learned over the program's six successful seasons so far to inform our restructuring. Our objectives are to increase the program's effectiveness, reduce its time and financial burden to students, and get students growing their own food from the get go. We anticipate to launch our improved program in 2018. Despite the restructuring, it will retain its applied approach to training students in the fundamentals of small scale sustainable farming and, as before, will lead to incubator farming opportunities.

In the meantime, our graduate students from the program are still in the incubator program, working hard in launching their own farm businesses!