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Careers for Students & Graduates


  • Production - Work as a business owner or employee - become a farmer, rancher, small scale processor or other production-oriented business person. The Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council identified local, organic direct-market agriculture as a major area of new growth in their recent report New Markets and Future Skills in Agriculture and there is a growing demand for knowledgeable and experienced employees in both the commercial and non-profit production sector. The program's practical coursework and internships prepare our students for these job opportunities.
  • Community Organizations - Grassroots organizations are looking for passionate individuals who seek to support local food security initiatives, including community farms, gardens and educational programming. Technical experience combined with an understanding of local food systems makes our graduates ideal candidates for work in advocacy and program coordination.
  • Government - Expertise in local food systems is a sought after skill in all levels of government - municipal, regional and provincial. As sustainable agricultural and food system business grows, governing bodies seek to construct policy and programming to support this sector of the economy and communities.
  • Research - Small-scale, sustainable agriculture has important opportunities for research into the technical, economic and social dimensions of food systems. The program prepares students for graduate studies as well as work in the private and institutional research sectors through multiple semesters of land or community based research.  
  • Job Postings

Listservs with job postings: COABC, BC Food Systems Network, Vancouver Urban Farmers