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Transformative Dialogues - Volume 10 Issue 3

Transformative Dialogues: teaching and learning eJournal

Volume 10, Issue 3, November 2017

Changes in our Understanding of Learning and Teaching

From andragogy to Indigenization; from action research to reflection, scholars of Teaching and Learning continue to analyze, adapt, and integrate new knowledge to help themselves teach more effectively and help their student to learn

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Changes in our Understanding of Learning and Teaching - Balbir Gurm, Editor in Chief

Articles and Essays

Indigenous Knowledge as 21st Century Education: A Taxonomy of 21st Century Learning and Educational Leadership as Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ) - Susan Maureen Docherty-Skippen, Brock University, Erin D. Woodford, College of the Rockies and University of Prince Edward Island

Andragogical Design Thinking: A Transition to Anarchy in and Beyond the Classroom - Elizabeth Song Lockard, PhD, Chaminade University, Jace Hargis, PhD, University of California, San Diego

Promoting Meaningfulness by Coupling Bloom’s Taxonomy with Adult Education Theory: Introducing an Applied and Interdisciplinary Student Writing Exercise - Ann E. Williams, PhD, Georgia State University

Engaging Communities: Notes on an Interdisciplinary Research/Creation Seminar - Katy McCormick, Samantha Wehbi, Ryerson University

The Patient as Mentor: Transformative Experience in an Occupational Therapy Course - Meagan Troop, Sheridan College, Anne O’Riordan, Queen’s University

Caring About Post-Secondary Student Self-care - Dr. Patricia Kostouros & Dr. Deb Bennett, Mount Royal University

Expanding student perspectives in an authentic learning environment - Gardner A. Lepp, Ph.D., Kerry K. Fierke, Ed.D. University of Minnesota

Action Research within Pre-Service Teacher Education - Thomas G. Ryan, Nipissing University, David C. Young, St. Francis Xavier University, Wendy L. Kraglund-Gauthier, St. Francis Xavier University

Process and Product: A Depiction of an Action Researcher’s Learning from Reflective Writing in an Asian University Setting - Mark Brooke, EdD, National University of Singapore

Practical Advice for Scaling Up Student Engagement Methods from Small to Large Classes - Fiona Rawle, University of Toronto Mississauga


Professional Development as a Way Forward for Undergraduate Research in the Humanities - Gretchen Kreahling McKay, Ph.D., McDaniel College

Of waves and storms: Supporting colleagues adopting blended approaches in their teaching - Ron “Kim” Keamy, Victoria University

The Librarian - N.E. Williams, Spoon River College


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Adrienne Huber, April McGrath, Darlene Willier, Deborah S. Kiceniuk, Fay Yokomizo Akindes, Jeanette McDonald, Jennifer Boman, Jennifer Miller, Jody D. Horn, June Kaminski, Karen Manarin, Laurel Tien, Margy MacMillan, Nancy Chick, Nanda Dimitrov, Patti Dygur, Renee Michael, Sarah E. Schoper, Stephanie Chu, Suzanne Le-May Sheffield, Alice Cassidy, Balbir Gurm, Alice Macpherson.

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