Step 4. Plan your Schedule

Once you know what classes you would like to take, you need to plan out your weekly class schedule using the online timetable. The timetable will allow you to see what courses are offered during that semester and details that describe each section.

To view the Timetable for the upcoming semester

1. Go to ONE.KPU.CA and look for the "Register for Classes" tab.


2. Click on Browse Classes or Plan Ahead. Plan Ahead allows you to create a mock timetable before your registration date (NOTE: this DOES NOT register you into the classes).

Browse classes

3. Once you select the semester you want to register though the drop-down menu, you can search the timetable by subject, course registration number, or keyword

Search Terms

4. You can view the sections of the courses offered and consider which sections have seats. In this case, ANTH 1100 has 27 sections that you can select from.


5. Some important details can be found if you click on an individual section of the course. Course descriptions tell you what you will study in the course along with the pre-requisites or co-requsiites for the course. Pre-requisites must be taken before you register in a class. Co-requisites can be taken before or at the same time as another class.

Course Description

6. Class details give your course registration number, whether the course is online, & how many credits.


Class Details

7. The Enrollment/Waitlist tab tells you how many seats are available in a section.


8. Linked classes are a reminder that there are two parts you need to register in to take the course. In this case, there is a BIOL lecture and choice of labs that you must select.


9. Use the Plan Ahead tool to create some mock schedules for semester you are planning for. Note - this is not registration. Once your registration date/time arrives, you may be able to register for any Plans that you have saved (assuming there are still seats in those sections). It is helpful to create several potentials plans for the coming semester so you are prepared if sections fill.

Plan Ahead


Tips for Creating a Schedule:

1. Many classes have more than one section.

This means it is the same class, just offered at different times, usually taught by different instructors. You may choose whichever section you like as long as there is space available.

2. Start filling in your timetable with classes that have the least number of sections available.

For example, if you want to take both a French and English class, fill in your timetable with the class that has only one section available first. Then choose the section of the other class that fits your schedule best.

3. Labs & Tutorials

Classes will always have a lecture, however if labs are listed as well, you must choose one section of each, and register for both the lecture and the lab or tutorial at the same time.

4. Sometimes seats are reserved for a specific program.

Seat reservations are indicated below the section information. If the only remaining seats are reserved for another program, you will not be able to take that section. Some sections are also restricted to specific programs. If an entire course is restricted to another program, you will not be able to take that course.

5. For online courses, contact the instructor in advance to determine whether or not your class is asynchronous or synchornous.

For more information about syncronous and asynchronous classes, visit this resource.


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