Sustainable Agriculture Student Research Projects: 2021

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Mustard seed meal, black soldier fly frass, spent mushroom manure compost, and Metarhizium brunneum for wireworm management in Hakurei turnips

Chelsea Allison, 2021

  • Key result: No reduction in wireworm damage to turnips was seen after soil treatment with black soldier fly frass, spent mushroom compost, defatted mustard seed meal, or Metarhizium brunneum fungus.

Spent mushroom compost as a replacement for peat in growing media

Alex Bisset, 2021

  • Key result: Aged spent mushroom compost can partially replace peat in seedling growing media without compromising yield. Soil blocks work as well as plastic plug trays.

Seed and oil yield from canola in Richmond, BC

C. J. Nyereyegona, 2021

  • Key result: Excellent canola seed and oil yields were obtained from early, mid, and late spring planting dates.

Effect of pre-germination laser treatment on lettuce cultivated in a controlled environment

Ethan Simonyi-Gindele, 2021

  • Key result: Pre-germination laser seed treatment does not affect lettuce growth in a vertical farm.


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