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Student Research Opportunities - Internal Funding


Student Grant Application - link to the ROMEO research portal - click Register to create your profile and to access the Student Led Research grant application



Are you a currently enrolled KPU student? Are you taking part in research collaboration with a faculty member? Then, YOU can receive up to $1,500! Awards

  • RECEIVE up to $1,500!
  • Awards cover any expenses related to the research project or to its dissemination
  • Travel awards cover costs for students travelling to a conference in order to present a poster or paper

The BENEFITS of being a KPU Student Researcher:

As a KPU student researcher you can develop your own understanding of research, education, publication, and dissertation development.

Other benefits include:

  • Networking with scholars and finding/meeting potential graduate supervisors
  • Building your communication skills
  • Increasing your academic profile while advocating your beliefs
  • Building your resume and graduate school application
  • Gaining experience and increasing your confidence
  • Influencing positive change in the community

How-To Submit your research expenses:

Grant holders can submit their expenses to their faculty member who will forward the information to the Office of Research and Research Services.

* Research involving human participants has to go through the Research Ethics Board, in order to receive funds.



  • Register and complete the online ROMEO application as the Primary Investigator, visit:
  • Your faculty supervisor will also need to input a little bit of information on the online ROMEO application form
  • Submit application at least 30 days prior to the start date of the research activity



What do FUNDED applications look like?

FUNDED Proposed Research Applications have the following

  • Originality and Innovation
  • Merit of Research
  • Strength of research design and overall feasibility of proposed research
  • Interdisciplinary Elements (not mandatory, but encouraged)
  • Clarity, presentation, and logic of Proposal
  • Relevant academic training and experience
  • Impact

Learn more

To Learn MORE about KPU Student Led Research grants visit:

To SEE what other KPU Student Researchers are doing visit:

PDF icon Student Led Research Grants Guidelines.pdf