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Current Research - Translating Research & Scholarship into Action


…opportunities to tackle complex real world problems, engage in discovery and innovation with industry, community, and government partners in key sectors of the economy and society.

…KM involves the transformative impact of collaborations between academic research and expertise in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. KT allows for the results of these collaborations to be broadly exchanged and disseminated.

by combining experiential learning with discovery and innovation (e.g. in the thematic sectors identified here), students can acquire techniques and methods to engage successfully in research and scholarship.

…encompasses processes that allow for analyzing and synthesizing information in innovative and creative ways to empower life-changing ideas.

…helps scholars to mediate successfully between the ecological, social and economic interests at different geographical scales.

…describes products and services that improve process efficiencies, optimize material resources and energy efficiency, reduce environmental pollution, and minimize waste.

…focuses on the application of procedures, devices, systems, skills, and organized knowledge around health to build and support vibrant, healthy, and sustainable communities.


KPU’s Office of Research Services (ORS) is committed to incorporating knowledge mobilization (KMb) and knowledge transfer (Kt) strategies into its applied research and community engagements. The ORS showcases the KPU research community through compelling visual narratives, stories, and openly accessible publications in both curiosity-driven and applied research areas.

The ORS maintains current KMb and Kt strategies and methods through its partnerships with the BC Applied Research and Innovation Network (BCARIN), ResearchImpact (a consortium of 14 universities committed to maximizing the impact of academic research for the public good and in support of global communities), and Colleges and Institutes Canada (formerly (ACCC).


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