Top Ten Reasons to Study Criminology at KPU!

1. Choice

In addition to a BA degree, our programs also encompass an Honours degree, an Associate of Arts, a Diploma, and a Certificate. This gives you the freedom to choose a program that meets your individual needs.

2. Applied learning

Take what you have learned and apply it in the field! Criminology courses like our practicum and research project allow you to apply the skills and knowledge you will develop to real-life situations and problems.

3. Small classes

Maximum class sizes of 25 or 35 students give you ample opportunity for classroom discussion and interaction. Other institutions may have classes 2, 3, or even 4 times larger.

4. Undergraduate-centred

At KPU, we are primarily an undergraduate institution so our faculty, resources, and student opportunities are focused on undergraduates like you.

5. Teaching-focused

Teaching is our focus. Our classes offer you direct contact with faculty in settings where individualized attention is possible and instructors know their students by name.

6. Experienced faculty

With our diverse faculty who are knowledgeable and experienced in a wide range of criminology-related fields, we give you first-hand insight into areas such as policing, law, probation, corrections, restorative justice, conflict resolution, public administration, policy development, and program evaluation.

7. Convenient and accessible

With locations in Surrey, Richmond, and Langley, there is probably a campus close to where you live! Getting here is easy too. All our campuses are on bus routes, and parking is available for those who drive.

8. Flexibility

We offer criminology courses during the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters. Classes run throughout the day, and there are night classes and on-line offerings too. All this means more flexibility when it comes to fitting your studies into your busy life.

9. Save $$$$

Our tuition fees compare favourably with other post-secondary education institutions, and in some cases offer students nearly 20% in savings.

10. Modern facilities

KPU continues to expand to meet the growing needs of our students and faculty. Study spaces, more eclassrooms, and high-tech computer labs make KPU a great place to learn.