Criminology is an exciting and expanding area of study! Concerns about public safety, crime, and social justice contribute to a strong demand for people knowledgeable in these areas. By studying criminology and justice, you will learn about the causes and prevention of crime and other social harms as well as explore possible solutions to these problems.

The Criminology Department at Kwantlen Polytechnic University offers multiple program options so you can choose a program that meets your individual needs. We offer excellent academic preparation, with small class sizes and well-qualified and dedicated instructors. Our degree has been carefully developed and reviewed by KPU’s internal committees, external consultants, including other universities and colleges, and approved by the BC provincial government.

Our emphasis is on excellence in teaching. Our instructors are highly qualified and come from many Canadian and international post-secondary institutions. They have excellent credentials; however, they are hired in large measure for their teaching ability.

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