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The Program: The South Vancouver Community Crime Prevention Society, a non-profit, registered, charitable, volunteer organization and operating as the South Vancouver Community Policing Centre (SVCPC) will sponsor seven individual $1,000.00 “Community Policing Volunteer Scholarship Awards” which will be made available to select students, willing to commit to volunteering at the centre to assist in the delivery of crime prevention services and programs in Vancouver.

Goal of the Award Program: To Foster Volunteerism, Community Participation and Community Service in the Field of Crime Prevention in Vancouver among High School, College and University Students

Participants of the program: Students will be selected according to qualification criteria set by the SVCPC from three secondary schools from the district of the SVCPC, namely John Oliver, David Thompson and Sir Charles Tupper Secondary Schools, and from four post-secondary institutions, namely Douglas and Langara Colleges and from Kwantlen and Simon Fraser Universities to participate in the program.

Value of Scholarship: $1,000.00 per student

Partnerships: The South Vancouver Community Policing Centre will be working with the above identified secondary schools and post-secondary educational institutions to promote the program to students.

Administration: The program will be administered by the South Vancouver Community Policing Centre

Funding: The South Vancouver Community Policing Centre will provide all the funding – secured through fundraising - for the program. To date, that Centre has raised $7,000.00 for the purpose of supporting the funding for the Community Policing Volunteer Award program for the first group of seven students who complete the Program. (Please note, it is our intention to continue fundraising in order to extend this program for years to come)

Qualifications and Selection Criteria for Students:

  • Must be a Canadian Citizen
  • Must have resided in BC for a minimum of three years
  • Must consent to and pass criminal record check and a suitability interview at the South Vancouver Community Policing Centre
  • Must be a student in good standing
  • Must be a full time student
  • Must be minimum 17 years of age.
  • Must be a student of Douglas College or Must be a student of Langara College or Must be a student of Kwantlen University or Must be a student of Simon Fraser University
  • Must be enrolled in a criminology certificate / diploma / or criminology degree program
  • Must provide letter of endorsement / recommendation from two members of the teaching staff / members of the faculty – whose classes the student has attended.
  • If applicable, the student must provide a letter of endorsement from the scholarship committee from named university or college.
  • Must submit a typed, single spaced, maximum 500 word essay outlining their interest in applying and why he or she should be selected for participation in the scholarship program
  • Must commit to volunteer a total of 104 hours (average 2 hours per week) at the South Vancouver Community Policing Centre
  • Must have completed one full year of studies and/or obtained a minimum 30 credits, (must be entering second, third or fourth year of studies)

Terms of Payment of Scholarship Award:

  • Must complete volunteer hour requirement within 12 months or less from the start of the first shift to and including the last shift at the SVCPC.
  • Full Payment of the Scholarship Award will paid directly to the Student by the SVCPC within 30 days of completion of the last volunteer shift.
  • Students who do not complete their hours according to program criteria will not be receiving any payment what so ever.
  • In the unlikely event of dissolution of the South Vancouver Community Crime Prevention Society, the student must agree to complete their volunteer hour requirement with another similar organization in the South East Vancouver district according to the terms of their program.
  • The SVCPC will transfer the funds, dedicated to the CPC Volunteer Scholarship Program, to the new organization for administration.

Additional Information:

  • Criminal Record Check & training provided free of charge by SVCPC.
  • Training hours will be counted towards volunteer hours.
  • Of the total of 104 volunteer hours, the student will have to earn 80% (about 80 hours) of his or her hours working on a designated program area, as assigned at the discretion of the SVCPC. The remaining 20% (about 20 hours) can be earned working on any SVCPC program areas as elected by the student.
  • Great flexibility offered to the student over the scheduling of volunteer hours. While the office is open six days a week and most activities are happening during regular office hours, there are opportunities to work at other times, especially when working as a member of the foot and/or bike patrol programs. Most volunteers of the centre work a two hour shift per week; however, if a volunteer wishes to work more frequently and for longer hours, that is always an option. This way a student can satisfy required hours in a shorter time.
  • SVCPC Program description and Criminal Record Check Application Forms and Community Policing Volunteer Scholarship Application Forms are available at the SVCPC.
  • Student wishing to stop their participation in the program – for whatever reason - must notify the South Vancouver Crime Prevention Society in writing.

Deadline for Application: Application is accepted throughout the year. Please check with us for funding availability prior to application.

To learn more about the South Vancouver Community Policing Centre and its programs: visit the office in person, at 5657 Victoria Drive, Vancouver BC, or visit website: or call the office at 604.717.2940.

Contact: Ms Adrien Balazs, Executive Director South Vancouver Community Policing Centre: or phone 604.717.2940

What is the Criminology Student Society?

Are you interested in meeting other students studying criminology at KPU? Do you have an interest in criminal justice issues? The Criminology Student Society has been organized to provide KPU students with a variety of events and services, including career information sessions, movie nights, course study services, and other campus activities. The Criminology Student Society provides an excellent avenue to learn about various career opportunities in the criminal justice system, field of law, and various community justice agencies. You will meet other criminology students and faculty at KPU.

We help students network with volunteer opportunities and hold informational sessions to find out more about an area of interest. We welcome new ideas and would like to hear from you. If you have an idea for an information session you would like to attend, a social event you would like to be a part of, or a field trip related to criminology – share your valued ideas with us!!! The club can be whatever the student members want it to be (fun & interactive)!

Who is eligible for membership?

Any current student of KPU is eligible for membership.

Questions? Comments?

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