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Future Course Offerings


(as of June 1, 2021 — subject to change)

CRIM 5000, 5010, and 5120: special registration procedures apply

S–Surrey; R–Richmond; L–Langley; P-Civic Plaza; A–Online [SYN-Synchronous & ASYN-Asynchronous]

      Summer 2021 (courses online) Fall 2021 (draft) Some in-person courses will be held as Blended (in-person & online) Spring 2022 (draft)
CRIM 1100 Introduction to Criminology A: SYN & ASYN S, L, A S, R, L, AS, R, L, AS, R, L, A
CRIM 1101 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System A: SYN & ASYN S, L, A S, R, L, A
CRIM 1107 Canadian Legal Systems A: ASYN S, R, A S, R, L
CRIM 1207 Introduction to Criminal Law A: SYN S, R, A S, R
CRIM 1208 Methods of Research in Criminology A: SYN S, R, L S, R, LS, R, LsS, R, L
CRIM 1215 Interpersonal and Professional Development   S, A S, R
CRIM 2103 Quantitative Data Analysis I A: SYN S, A S, R, A
CRIM 2204 Criminal Justice and Psychology   S  
CRIM 2205 Crime, Criminal Justice, and the Media   S S
CRIM 2211 Introduction to Policing A: ASYN A S
CRIM 2214 Corrections: Theory & Practice   S S
CRIM 2249 Youth Justice   A S
CRIM 2330 Psychological Explanations of Criminal Behaviour A: SYN & ASYN S, A S, R, A
CRIM 2331 Sociological Explanations of Criminal Behaviour A: SYN S, A

S, R

CRIM 2341 Canadian Criminal Justice Administration A: SYN S, A S, R
CRIM 2355 Police Deviance and Accountability A: ASYN    
CRIM 3000 Justice/Injustice   S  
CRIM 3100 Advanced Theories of Crime and Community A: SYN S, R S
CRIM 3104 Qualitative Research Methods A: SYN S S, R
CRIM 3111 Contemporary Sociological Criminology   S S
CRIM 3113 Critical Criminology A: SYN S  
CRIM 3115 Crime Mapping     S
CRIM 3118 White-Collar and Corporate Crime A: ASYN   S
CRIM 3120 Organized Crime     S
CRIM 3211 Policing and Community A: ASYN    
CRIM 3213 Community Corrections     S
CRIM 3217 Women, Crime, and Justice   S  
CRIM 3249 Issues in Youth Justice   S S
CRIM 3270 Substance Use and Harm Reduction     S
CRIM 3302 Procedure and Evidence   S, R S
CRIM 3305 Law and Society A: SYNA: SYN S S
CRIM 3307 Issues in Conflict Resolution A: SYN   S
CRIM 3310 Restorative Justice A: ASYN   S
CRIM 3351 Philosophy of Law     R
CRIM 3512 Mental Disorder and Canadian Law A: ASYN S  
CRIM 3800 Service Learning in Criminology and Justice      
CRIM 4112 Contemporary Psychological Criminology   S S
CRIM 4201 Community Safety and Crime Prevention A: SYN & ASYN S S
CRIM 4235 Minorities and the Criminal Justice System A: ASYN   S
CRIM 4240 Indigenous Peoples and Justice A: ASYN A  
CRIM 4245 Indigenous Activism     S
CRIM 4300 Administrative and Regulatory Law      
CRIM 4301 Community Advocacy and Human Rights A: SYN S S
CRIM 4400 Ethics and Professional Development   S  
CRIM 4410 Policy and Program Evaluation     S
CRIM 4800 Practicum in Criminology and Justice     S/offsite
CRIM 4900 Special Topics      
CRIM 5000 Honours Thesis I   by application  
CRIM 5010 Honours Seminar   S/by application  
CRIM 5020 Honours Thesis II     by application

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