Mike Hayes

Mike is a Vancouver based artist and instructor with well over a decade in the games industry.

Growing up on a healthy diet of games, anime and a love of cars, Mike knew at a young age that he would one day be involved in creating games!

Joining Electronic Arts in 2002 saw him transition from gamer to game developer. Fast forward to more than ten years later he had shipped 11 Need for Speed titles, one Battlefield game, an NHL game, and the open world action epic Sleeping Dogs.

Along the way, he moved into teaching his craft to the next generation of creators, joining Kwantlen to in the Advanced Game Development program.


  • Instruction (From intro to digital art, to modeling, rigging and animation and technical art)
  • Art Direction (Working with teams to help define and deliver upon a specific vision)
  • 3d Modeling, Texturing, Concept Art (Need For Speed, Battlefield, NHL and Sleeping Dogs)
  • Transportation design (Over 10 years working on racing, open world and shooter games)
  • Product design (Branding, clothing, toys and co-branded automotive products)

Courses taught

  • ENTA 1132: Environment Art in Game Development
  • ENTA 1232: Character Art in Game Development
  • ENTA 1332: Character Animation in Game Development
  • ENTA 2132: Technical Art in Game Development
  • ENTA 2232: Procedural Art in Game Development