Paulo Majano

B.F.A. (Concordia), M.F.A. (U.B.C.)
Phone: 604-599-3333
Surrey Office: S SPRUCE 152F

My artistic practice is centered on the integration of traditional studio art with electronic media. For the past decade I have produced projects merging a figurative approach, based on my background as a painter, with technology based forms of presentation and interaction. In my current projects, I make use of Augmented Reality, and time based media, to create images and installations where the virtual and the physical can be experienced simultaneously. In my art, I merge different methods of depiction: hand made media, photography, time-based media, and interactivity, to gain insight from the collision of different forms of representation.

In my role as an educator, I strive to provide a learning environment where students can approach the learning of art with a sense of curiosity, deep commitment, and creativity. The work students undertake in my classes is intended to provide them with the tools (technical, formal, and intellectual) to become informed observers, and critical participants, in visual culture. Ultimately, I feel that I have succeeded as an educator when I see in a student the realization that the practice of art is not simply the making of images or objects for display, but a commitment to engage in a process of aesthetic, intellectual, and social inquiry.