Robert Gelineau

Dip. F.A. (Dawson), B.F.A. (N.S.C.A.D.), M.F.A. (Vic. B.C.)
Phone: 604-599-3333
Surrey Office: S SPRUCE 152B

Originally from Montreal, I received my BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1986 and my MFA from the University of Victoria in 1990. I have since worked exclusively in painting and drawing and have taught both of these disciplines at Kwantlen since 2000. My practice as a painter is grounded in both contemporary culture and in the traditions of European oil painting. My teaching is greatly influenced by the history of European art and its method of training artists with a foundation in the study of nature through close observation. In my own work, I utilize the conventions of realism while constructing spaces that are very otherworldly. I am interested in what Freud termed the “uncanny” and the closely related idea of the abject. Exploring these themes brings into focus that which our culture has constructed as taboo and, at the same time, sheds light on its accompanying bias.