Brian Jonathan Garrett

BA (Auckland), MA (Auckland), PhD (McGill)

Dr. Brian Garrett is a Kiwi-Canadian and received his Ph.D. from McGill University in 1997 and his M.A. from University of Auckland. He joined KPU in 2014 having worked fulltime at McMaster University, California State University Fullerton and York University (Toronto).


Courses taught

  • PHIL 1100 Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL 1110 Confronting Moral Issues: Introduction to Ethics
  • PHIL 2107 Modern Philosophy: Descartes to Kant
  • PHIL 2215 Metaphysics
  • PHIL 3033 Business Ethics
  • PHIL 3120 Free Will and Determinism
  • PHIL 3220 Empiricism
  • PHIL 3225 Rationalism
  • PHIL 3425 Language and Meaning
  • PHIL 3430 Philosophy of Mind: Consciousness
  • PHIL 4215 Topics in Metaphysics
  • PHIL 4900 Honours Research and Thesis II

Areas of Interest

Contemporary Analytic Metaphysics; Philosophy of Mind; Early Modern philosophy; Philosophy of science; History of Biology; History of Geology; Epistemology, and “lesser-known” philosophers.


Scholarly Work

  • 2013a "Constitution, Over-determination and Irreducible Causal Powers" Ratio 26 (1)
  • 2013b "Vitalism Versus Emergent Evolution", Vitalism and the scientific image in post-Enlightenment life science, 1800-2010, Springer, eds. Sebastian Normandin and Charles T. Wolfe.
  • 2009a “Causal Essentialism Versus the Zombie Worlds” Canadian Journal of Philosophy Vol. 39, No. 1, March pp. 93-112
  • 2009b “Wonder Among the Cartesians and Natural Magicians” Topics in Early Modern Philosophy of Mind, edited by Jon Miller, Springer Publications, pp. 39-5
  • 2006 “What the History of Vitalism Teaches Us About Consciousness and the Hard Problem” with Philosophy and Phenomenological Research Vol. LXXII, No.3, May. pp. 616-628.