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Future Course Offerings

Creative Writing courses run throughout the year. To learn more, see the courses descriptions in the calendar.

Please refer to KC Search for published course schedules. The list below remains tentative until the official schedule is released on KC Search.

Fall 2020

PHIL 1100 - Introduction to Philosophy (Online)

PHIL 1110 - Confronting Moral Issues: Introduction to Ethics (Online)

PHIL 1145 - Critical Thinking (Online)

PHIL 1150 - Introduction to Formal Logic (Online)

PHIL 2106 - Ancient Greek Philosophy (Online)

PHIL 2107 - Modern Philosophy: Descartes to Kant (Online)

PHIL 2210 - Epistemology (Online)

PHIL 3033 - Business Ethics (Online)

PHIL 3430 - Philosophy of Mind: Consciousness (Online)