Bachelor of Arts, Major in Philosophy

A Bachelor of Arts is a degree normally completed in four years. A “major” is a concentrated area of study within a particular discipline.  A major represents a significant achievement. 

The philosophy major at Kwantlen provides students with a broad-based education in the principal areas of Philosophy, as well as some distinctive learning opportunities.  All philosophy majors will gain a solid foundation in the discipline by completing courses in Formal Logic, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Ethics, and History of Philosophy. In addition to the requirements for the major, students can enroll in two specialized programs. 

Those students with an interest in applying ethical theories to practical situations may participate in the Applied Ethics Stream of the philosophy major. Exceptional students in either the standard major program or the applied ethics stream may be invited to apply for the Honours Program in Philosophy.  The Honours program is the gateway to postgraduate work in philosophy. Successful completion of the Honours program includes an undergraduate thesis.

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Minor in Philosophy

Students may also elect to pursue a Minor in philosophy as part of their B.A. degree. One advantage of a minor is the flexibility that it permits the student. Students will find that a philosophy minor combines well with most other disciplines in which you can also pursue a minor or major. Working in two related areas is an attractive option for many.

For example, a history program can be combined with courses such as Ancient Greek Philosophy, Modern Philosophy or Philosophy 1101. Students who do criminology will benefit from philosophy's examination of ethical issues, including justice and freedom. Psychology and Philosophy combine well, as do English and Philosophy.  Students who are drawn in particular to foundational issues will enjoy pursuing philosophy in conjunction with another discipline. 

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 AA degree in Philosophy

An Associate of Arts degree is a degree normally completed in two years. Students who pursue an AA degree will choose an area of concentration. A concentration in philosophy requires five philosophy courses within the two-year program. Since many students will continue their studies, the requirements for an AA degree are sufficiently flexible to enable students who plan their educational program carefully to complete the required prerequisites for third-year course work at the university of their choice, including Kwantlen.

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Students who are interested in Philosophy might also want to consider the new Policy Studies degree that focuses on sustainability policy.  Students will learn what policy is, how it is used to achieve goals, and why we might value sustainability as a goal.  The degree is multi-disciplinary, bringing together Philosophy, Economics and Political Science.  You can go to POST's site here.