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KPU Surrey Campus

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Contact Philosophy Department

To email any one of us, use the formula: firstname [DOT] lastname [AT] KPU DOT] ca. Faculty rotate teaching among campuses. Listed below are the main office locations for members of the faculty.  To leave a voice mail message dial (604)599-2222 and follow the prompts.  

Christina Behme
Office Surrey, Fir 308

Marc Champagne

Robin Curry, Department Admin Assistant
phone: 604.599.2851
Office: Surrey Fir, 342

Liam Dempsey
Office:  Surrey, Fir 308

Wayne Fenske
Philosophy Department Co-Chair
Phone: 604.599.2188
Voice Mail: 9480
Office: Surrey, Fir 310

Patrick Findler
Phone: 604.599.2187/3359
Voice Mail:  9958
Office:  Surrey, Fir 311
Langley, L2050

Brian Jonathan Garrett
Office: Surrey, Fir 311

Mark Glouberman
Phone: 604.599.2580
Voice Mail:  9755
Office: Richmond, R2330

Mazen Guirguis 
Phone 604.599.2955
Office: Fir 1379

Heather Harrison
Philosophy Department Co-Chair
Phone: 604.599.2580
Voice Mail: 9031

Melinda Hogan
Phone: 604.599.2793/2189
Voice Mail:  9988
Office: Richmond, R2674
Surrey, Fir 309

Puqun Li
Phone: 604.599.2816
Voice Mail:  9529
Office: Richmond, R2677

Michaela Lucas
Phone: 604.599.2580
Voice Mail:  9414
Office: Richmond, R309

Colin Ruloff
Phone: 604.599.2189
Voice Mail:  9893
Office: Surrey, Fir 309

Doran Smolkin
Phone: 604.599.2187
Voice Mail: 9630
Office: Surrey, Fir 311