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Policy Studies

Starting Fall 2021, Policy Studies is landing the KPU Climate+ Challenge, with POST 3110 students developing Challenge projects and materials. 

The Climate+ Challenge is a KPU-wide initiative that engages students and instrustors in learning about climate change, through an empathetic and solutions-oriented lens. Every one of us in all disciplines - can take action to stop accelerated climate change!

We can all contribute to a better understanding of the challenges, and employ critical and creative thinking, testing, and innovation to find soutions. Interested? Please get in touch!

If you are a current Major or Minor student, you can choose your pathway to graduation! Please get in touch with an ARTS Advisor to discuss your options.

Students who declare after September 1, 2021, will follow the new pathway to graduation.

Declare your POST Major or POST Minor!

Discover how to make social change happen through the exciting field of public policy! With a focus on critical sustainability issues - from the climate emergency to decolonization and racial justice - the Policy Students program at KPU equips you with the knowledge, insights, and skills to make a different in your community and beyond. 

During your studies you will work with sustainability practitioners on communicty-based projects. Applied Seminars, a Practicum, and CityLab courses provide real-world situations for you to develop applied skills. At the same time, you will learn about sustainability from the perspective of environmental studies, philosophy, political science, psychology and the field of public policy, leading to a strong and integrated skill set for graduates. 

Successful Policy Studies students are looking for a program of study that challenges them to address critical sustainability problems, such as affordable housing, racial justice, sustainable urbanization, the biodiversity crisis and the climate emergency. POST students develp the crticial and ethical thinking skills necessary to successfully engage in societal change.