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Policy Studies

Shewit Kidane – POLI Major, Post Minor Grad

Shewit Kidane k

nows what it means to work hard. Holding multiple jobs at once throughout his time at KPU, he’s found ways to give back, create opportunities, and make a difference for others.

“Maybe it’s a bit idealistic but I wanted to make a change in the world, and I saw political science and policy studies as a way to do that. I wanted to come to class to just listen and have a conversation. My instructors would show me my mistakes, but they would support me. People at KPU care.”

With care in mind, Shewit started his own disposal company with a business partner in 2016—mid way through his arts degree. Recycling as much as possible to keep materials out of landfills, the company also collects furniture that’s provided to refugee families.

“We recycle what we can” he says, “and give away what we can, too. We’ve been able to furnish entire apartments this way.”

Now a graduate of KPU, Shewit hasn’t lost his work ethic or his commitment to creating a better world.

“I like being involved in the community. I like to find solutions.”