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Melinda Hogan PhD (Wisconsin)

Melinda Hogan
Surrey Office: 
Fir Building, 309
Richmond Office: 



Courses Taught

Areas of Interest

               I work primarily on issues at the intersection of philosophy of language and philosophy of mind. I also have an interest in the development of early analytic philosophy, philosophy of biology, Plato, Kant, and the philosophy of social science. 

                My research focus is the problem of intentionality. This is the problem of explaining how our thoughts can point to things outside themselves, representing the world (or helping us to represent the world) accurately or (all too often) inaccurately. The background assumption of my work is that meaning must be, in one way or another, fully part of the natural world, not a supernatural world. This means that natural phenomena such as information, causation and biological functions are in the toolbox as factors in the production of mental representations.

                Other areas of interest include comparing models for the second-order knowledge we have of our own mental states, and discovering what light these models shed on the nature of conscious awareness.

                Finally, since about 2012, I have been working on a topic that takes me into value theory a bit. I am exploring different conceptions of what privacy is, and the ways in which privacy is related to autonomy, intimacy, communication, social relations and so on.


Scholarly Work