Sensation and Perception Lab Part 2: Auditory Illusion

Please watch the one-minute video below and write down the syllables (such as wa, ba, la, um, tha etc.)   you can hear on a piece of paper.

Please pay close attention to movements of the speaker's mouth and tongueYou must turn on the speaker while watching. 

Please enter your respose to the questions below after watching the video. You should only watch it once. 

Please select syllable(s) you can hear from the one-minute video. You can choose more than five syllables.
After you identify the syllables you heard, please tell us how many different syllables you heard.
Please don't look at your answers from the previous question. Please check the syllables you wrote down and tell us how many different syllables you heard from the video.
I am confident that my answers are at least 70% correct
Do you agree with the above statement?