Computer Business Systems

Register in a CBSY course to enhance your computer skills and learn how organizations use computers!

CBSY is a service department offering courses to students in a variety of programs at Kwantlen.

Detailed Course Descriptions (click here)

CBSY1105, CBSY2305 and CBSY2310 will be invaluable for improving your personal use of microcomputers.

  • CBSY1105 Introductory Microcomputer Applications
  • CBSY2305 Advanced Microcomputer Applications
  • CBSY2310 Advanced MS Office and Internet

 CBSY2205 and CBSY2405 will give you a better understanding of how computers are used in the workplace. 

  • CBSY2205 Computers and Information Processing
  • CBSY2405 Accounting Information Systems

CBSY3100 will provide knowledge of the theory and practice of business ethics in relation to information technology.

  • CBSY3100 Ethics in Information Technology