Official Campus Plan KPU2050

KPU2050 Campus Master Plan

The KPU2050 Official Campus Plan sets out recommendations for campus development, Indigenous design, open space and landscapes, campus life and facilities, mobility and accessibility, and sustainability that support KPU’s strategic priorities.

KPU2050 is not a blueprint. Rather, it's a guide for creating campuses that function as unique learning, teaching and research environments that are community-oriented, and complementary to the communities where they reside.

By implementing KPU2050, the identity of each campus will be enhanced accordingly, respecting the Indigenous legacy of the land and celebrating existing campus features. KPU2050 outlines a set of Indigenous principles and recommendations that informs how we think about our campuses in relation to the land, people, and activities that take place on them, pushing forward KPU's efforts towards reconciliation.

KPU2050 will respect and respond to academic changes and changing surrounding land use, while seeking opportunities to integrate with adjacent development initiatives and develop harmonious community partnerships. The plan also identifies recommendations to deliver a pathway towards carbon neutrality and a more sustainable, resilient future.

KPU2050 was founded upon extensive engagement with the KPU community and our external stakeholders. We express our appreciation and gratitude to all that participated in the planning process and helped shape the future of KPU’s campuses.

KPU2050 Resources

Campus Design Principles

  • Distinctly KPU

    Celebrating KPU’s polytechnic identity and program offerings

  • Innovative pedagogy

    Prioritizing the learning experience with adaptable and scaleable spaces that are responsive to evolving teaching and learning needs

  • Pedestrian oriented

    Elevating the pedestrian experience to make walking a delightful, safe, and preferred option year-round

  • Connected

    Connecting the campuses digitally and supporting improved transit operation

  • Self-sustaining

    Supporting responsible stewardship of KPU’s financial assets and building operations

  • Rooted in place

    Viewing the campuses as a gathering place that celebrates the indigenous history of the land and reflects the legacy of the institution

  • Community serving

    A welcoming destination for KPU’s neighbours, partners and external community members

  • Respectful of the environment

    Supporting KPU’s commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 while enhancing the natural environment and meeting KPU’s operational needs

  • Accessible to all

    Universally welcoming, inclusive and accessible