Travelling and Temporary Residents

Within Canada

Recreational cannabis laws vary in each province and territory, including legal age, where you can smoke, vape, consume and buy cannabis and cannabis products.

Be sure to learn the laws in each province and territory before you travel.

Outside Canada

Even though recreational cannabis is legal in Canada, it is illegal to transport cannabis across the Canadian border.

You can be charged with a criminal offence if you attempt to travel outside Canada with recreational cannabis.

You can also be denied entry and/or banned from entering your destination country if you admit to previously using recreational cannabis while in Canada.

It is your responsibility to inform yourself about the laws of the country you are planning to travel to.

Temporary Residents

The legalization of recreational cannabis came with new, strict penalties for those who commit cannabis-related offences and for those who drive while under the influence of cannabis.

If you are a temporary resident (i.e.: international student, exchange student, visiting student or visiting faculty) and convicted of a cannabis-related offence, you could be considered inadmissible to Canada.

This could also result in deportation from Canada.

Additionally, if you are a visitor and use recreational cannabis while in Canada, you may face prosecution in your home country.

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