Co-op Student Agreement Form

You can now submit your Co-op Student Agreement form in Career Connection. Follow these steps to submit the Co-op Student Agreement form:

  1. Log into Career Connection
  2. The form will be automatically displayed for Co-op students who are completing or have completed COOP 1101
  3. If the form does not automatically show, navigate to it by clicking on the button with your initials and selecting 'Surveys'
    • Image
  4. Look for the Co-op Student Agreement submission form
    • Image
  5. Download and carefully review the Co-op Student Agreement form
    • Image
  6. Once you've signed the form, attach it and click 'Finalize' to submit



For international students, it is also essential to submit a valid Work Permit to proceed with Co-op and apply for Co-op jobs. You can either request a Co-op Work Permit Letter or submit your existing Co-op Work Permit. The required submission links are also now available in Career Connection.