Co-op Success Stories

Puneet Rangi, BA Criminology (Co-op) candidate

Puneet Rangi

I decided to pursue my education in Criminology as a result of being impacted in my past by the criminal justice system’s pitfalls and processes. Knowing it would be challenging to find a career in this field, I enrolled in the Co-operative Education Program and completed three varied co-op experiences at Canada Border Services, Citizenship and Immigration, and WorkSafeBC. My experiences included enforcing legislation, reviewing immigration and refugee files, and building a professional network.

The co-op program helped me develop skills which gave me the confidence to succeed in my interviews. With my manager’s support, I ultimately secured a permanent opportunity at WorkSafeBC.
In November 2013, my instructor, Tom Allen, nominated me for the Eagle Spirit Award, which recognized my involvement in various initiatives including leading our class in a food drive for Vancouver’s homeless and serving as a Research Assistant with the Acting-Together CURA project on preventing youth gang violence.

Today, I stand as a published author, BA Criminology candidate, and WorkSafeBC employee. I stand with confidence, tenacity, and resilience—all qualities that I attribute to the educational pathway I am blessed to be on. Step out of your comfort zone,