Beer Enthusiast Level 1 Certification

Take your passion for craft beer to the next level — get your Prud’homme Beer Enthusiast Level 1 beer tasting certification at KPU this summer. This introductory course in beer education and tasting is designed for people interested in furthering their knowledge and interest in craft beer. You’ll learn about brewing ingredients and processes, tasting concepts, pouring and serving concepts, and food and beer pairings. Prud'homme is an internationally-recognized beer tasting program with multiple levels of certification up to a Master Sommelier of Beer. 


This course is perfect for:

  • Beer enthusiasts
  • Bartenders
  • Servers/waiters
  • Cooks/chefs/foodies
  • Tap room hosts/brewery tour guides
  • Beer sales reps
  • Liquor store salespeople
  • Anyone interested in learning more about craft beer!


Learning Outcomes:

1) Demonstrate a clear understanding of brewing ingredients

  • Explain the characteristics provided by malt
  • Explain the attributes that hops bring to beer
  • Describe the potential benefits of using adjuncts

2) Illustrate a basic knowledge of brewing

  • Describe the various stages in brewing in layman’s terms
  • Compare and contrast two major brewing styles (ales and lagers)
  • Discuss and record the various tasting components of a variety of beer styles

3) Integrate ingredient characteristics and beer flavours into the concepts of beer and food pairing

  • Differentiate between Cut, Complement and Contrast pairing theories
  • Record your personal observations of a variety of beer and food pairings

4) Recognize the need for quality draught beer

  • Identify the issues contributing to poor quality draught beer
  • Describe the troubleshooting sequences and list the three areas of concern in draught quality
  • Observe common mistakes in pouring and serving draught beer and identify the benefits of pouring with foam

Course Content:

Class 1 — Brewing Concepts

  • Brewing ingredients
  • Brewing processes
  • Tasting concepts (basic sensory training)
  • Beer categorization/styles
  • Ale tasting

Class 2 Beer History

  • History of beer styles
  • Glassware culture/concepts
  • Glassware handling and storage
  • Lager tasting

Class 3 Draught Beer Quality

  • Draught system basics
  • Troubleshooting concepts
  • Pouring and serving concepts
  • Wheat beer tasting

Class 4 Beer and Food

  • Pairing concepts
  • Cooking with beer concepts
  • Belgian beer tasting
  • Final exam
  • Food and beer tasting


After successfully completing the final exam, successful participants will receive their Prud'homme Level 1 certificate. 


Your instructor, Alek Egi, M.Sc., is the chair of the KPU Brewing Diploma program, a certified beer judge (BJCP), a craft brewer with decades of brewing and malting experience, as well as an appreciation for formal sensory analysis. He sits on the Editorial Board of the Journal of the ASBC and has written academic articles about brewing and malting for the Journal of the ASBC and MBAA Technical Quarterly. For more information about Alek and the KPU Brewing Diploma, visit


Dates: Fall dates TBC
Time: TBC
Location: KPU Civic Plaza Campus | Surrey
Course Fee: $367.50 (including GST) 
CRN: 70436
Instructor: Alek Egi, MSc
Questions? Email:

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