Interdisciplinary Expressive Arts


IDEA = bring all of who you are +

be inspired, be creative, be bold,

be the change

The IDEA program has diverse offerings designed to engage and empower students from all KPU programs and at any year or level of study. IDEA is unique at KPU. At its core are the values of integrating whole person-learning, creativity-based learning, community building and socio-ecological connectedness. IDEA provides innovative opportunities to explore and expand self, world and academic purviews. Students are supported to deepen authenticity, independent and critical thinking as well as engage in creative and collaborative processes that cultivate meaning and purpose in their learning and life journeys.

Together, we build communities of deep inquiry, within and beyond the classroom. We promote university experiences that are reflective, student-centred, and inspiring. We energize diverse traditions and practices of whole-person education, supporting students to explore personally, creatively and academically, with curiosity and openness, humility and courage.


Students in IDEA are encouraged to develop their unique and shared gifts and capacities while exploring how they can meaningfully contribute to a more conscious, just and beautiful world. IDEA courses facilitate exploration of the intersections of personal passion, educational fulfillment and empathy. IDEA's compass is creativity-based learning and community-building that inspires compassion and responsiveness toward diverse perspectives and peoples and the more-than-human world. The IDEA program enlivens a sense of shared community and responsibility, affirming the personal power and impact that we can each carry and supporting diverse pathways of compassionate service and social contribution. By encouraging students to undertake empowering and creative action based on their needs, interests and commitments, IDEA strengthens leadership in life, university and community.


The collaborative, creative and experiential learning environment of IDEA actively engages the mind, body, heart and spirit, and mindfully integrates academic and professional development with emotional, social, ecological and ethical literacy. This whole-person approach aims to deepen personal and social connectivity of students while invigorating thoughtful connections to and between creativity, social awareness and justice and the natural world. This connective approach can be immensely transformative to students, nurturing self-empowerment, deep and integrative learning, authentic and just relationships, and grounding in meaning and purpose.

Many IDEA students continue pursuing meaningful avenues of exploration and contribution, forming clubs and organizations, undertaking community leadership or training, volunteering, pursuing graduate and professional degrees, going on exchange, presenting at conferences, undertaking creative projects, and finding unique ways of incorporating their deepest values into their personal and professional journeys.

For registration and scheduling information for IDEA courses, please visit the KPU Calendar.