Celebrating Autumn: Private Cooking Workshop (Vegetarian Options Available)

Private Cooking Workshop
Off Campus


*All dishes can be made vegetarian*

This year, KPU International is celebrating Autumn by hosting a private cooking workshop. In this workshop, you'll have the chance to taste some popular Korean dishes made by skilled chefs, while also gaining hands-on experience in cooking some dishes on the spot. Check out the menu below:

• Premade appetizer: Oi muchim, watercress namul, and mu

• Hand-on appetizer: Mandu (Dumpling)

• Hand-on main course: Japchae (Stir Fry Noodles)

• Premade dessert: Sweet Rice Cake

• Drink: Milkis Virgin Cooktail

Cooking Workshop Details:

Date: Friday, September 22th, 2023

Time: 5:50PM- 8:00PM

Location: Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver

2725 Main Street, Vancouver BC V5T 3E9

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