KPU Intl: International Focus Week 2023 (Surrey)

International Focus Week 2023
KPU Richmond


Have you ever dreamed of exploring and learning about the world without having to put a pause to your studies or leave campus? Moreover, have you ever imagined being able to soar over thousands of global landmarks like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Colosseum in Rome without needing a passport or airline tickets? Well, this year from Nov. 20th  to Nov. 24th  we’re inviting you to our annual International Focus Week where you will have the opportunity to do exactly that! Become a savvy cultural navigator at our Global Engagement Fair where you will get the opportunity to interact with exchange and international students from different countries, enjoy international snacks, partake in a tea tasting session, and immerse yourself in a Virtual Reality experience where you’ll get to travel to any destination around the world utilizing the latest VR technology!

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