KPU Intl: Spring 2024 Virtual Live Orientation for New International Students

MS Teams Live


The International Virtual Live Orientation stands as an essential and indispensable informational session specifically designed for all new international students enrolled at KPU. It constitutes a pivotal segment within the orientation process, overseen by various department leaders at KPU. The primary objective is to ensure a seamless and enjoyable transition for students entering the university.

If you are commencing as a new international student in the Spring 2024 term, we strongly encourage your participation in our upcoming Virtual Live session scheduled for Wednesday, December 6 at 10:00 am Pacific Time. This session will be conducted in the Microsoft Teams Live format. Notably, neither registrations nor Teams applications are required for attendance.

To join the session, simply click on the link provided below on the day of the live event:


Join the Spring 2024 International Virtual Live