Research Security - Module 1 | Safeguarding Science Workshop - May 14



Module 1 | Safeguarding Science: Raising Awareness of Security Risks and Mitigation Tools in Research Environments

Canada is a leader in innovation, research and development, thanks to the research community’s commitment to open science and international collaboration. However, this strength also makes Canadian research an attractive target for malicious actors. The goal of the webinar is for participants to:

  • Access guidance and tools to strengthen security posture;
  • Understand best practices to identify and mitigate research security threats;
  • Pursue and maintain safe research partnerships;
  • Maintain institutional reputation of a safe research organization; and
  • Protect valuable research, data or potentially patentable property.

Remaining at the forefront of research is an asset that ensures Canada's economic prosperity, national security, and the integrity of its research.

The purpose of the Safeguarding Science workshop is to raise awareness within Canada's scientific and academic communities about research security-related issues. The primary objective of this workshop is to raise awareness of the potential for misuse of dual-use research, technology and materials, along with potential risk indicators and mitigation tools to protect Canadian research assets.