Co-Curricular Programs

Co-curricular programs are complimentary programs that boost your education and employability! These programs are open for all to apply to but may be offered to limited numbers of students and hence require some interviewing and selection. Co-curricular programs at KPU contain an element of formalized training and assessment, so that participants can grow in their self-awareness and skills. Most of these programs offer some form of recognition upon completion to track the skills you have demonstrated.

Current co-curricular programs at KPU include:

Peer Programs

Peer Programs strive to improve the KPU student experience in areas like academics, careers, and personal development.

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Work Study

Work Study is part-time on campus employment designed to assist students

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Orientation Leader

The O-Team Leaders are the first faces for new students entering post-secondary at KPU, and serve to help the new students transition into the KPU way of life.

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