External Partners: Virtual Volunteering and Project ideas for Experiential Learning and Practicum Projects

Most universities in BC have announced that the Fall will largely be online.

You can still have KPU students involved in projects while online!

KPU has a wide range of Practicum course options and experiential learning courses. Contact: practicum@kpu.ca

If you are interested in offering (paid) Co-op positions, please check with Co-operative Education.

For some project ideas, welcome to the Experiential Learning Random Generator. These are examples of actual projects at KPU.  Sometimes it works, and sometimes it creates a very unexpected project (that could work)! Get brainstorming…

Here is a list of virtual micro-volunteering options, to help you think about tasks that can be completed online.

Also, KPU is currently partnered with Riipen, through an RBC grant.  See examples of projects and let us know if you’ve created Riipen project.  Contact: experiential@kpu.ca

We know that non-profit organizations and many community-based projects have experienced hardships with the covid-19 circumstances.  Here are some non-profit resources as well as some examples of community-campus initiatives that have started up because of the current crisis.

If you have some ideas about projects that might fit well with a Practicum project, research grant or a similar partnership, please let us know.  Or, let us know if you have some success stories to share!  Contact: experiential@kpu.ca