Riipen Platform and KPU



KPU has been given the opportunity through RBC Future Launch to bring more project-based learning to KPU students.  Riipen is a technology platform that facilitates experiential learning opportunities, enabling educators to easily connect in-class assignments with businesses and nonprofits that have real-time projects for your students to work on.  This can be particularly helpful in our current climate with the necessity for online teaching. 

The platform can also facilitate virtual internship opportunities. We know that many student placements have been lost for upcoming semesters and Riipen can assist in soliciting virtual internships from their network of 5000+ employer partners.  Please visit the library of virtual internships to see what other educators are posting.

Here are some examples of some WIL experiences that relate to courses and themes that you might not expect, to provide ideas on some possible projects:

Courses (educator-driven)


Riipen is a web-based platform that helps educators connect with companies and not-for-profit organizations who want to engage students in projects done for class credit.  Through RBC, Riipen is expanding its network of not-for-profits and charities that your students can collaborate with, in addition to conventional business and industry connections.