Information & Privacy Tips

Remember that records encompass every type of medium where information is stored, that is under the custody or control of Kwantlen.

Manage your emails: email is often the subject of an FOI access request therefore keep the content professional and objective. It's best to avoid including personal content in an email about a work related matter.

Perform regular records management. Records that are transitory or which have aged out per the Directory of Records and Retention Schedule may be disposed of.

Treat confidential material accordingly; when in doubt ask your supervisor.

Personal information is any information that can identify an individual, outside of business contact information (work related email, phone and address). Information related to one's health history, financial state, employment, occupational or educational history, sexual orientation, racial or ethnic origin or political or religious beliefs is by definition highly sensitive and this is not an exhaustive list.

Reasonable security measures must be employed around sensitive personal information. The greater the sensitivity the higher the level of security required. Sensitive personal information about a student or employee that is being transported on a mobile device must be encrypted first and no sensitive personal information should be sent via email to any email account outside of the Kwantlen network unless absolutely necessary and if it is first encrypted.