Graduation Awards

February Convocation - opens on September 1* and closes on October 31*
June (Spring) Convocation - opens on November 1* and closes on March 15   
*Application period starts in year preceding Convocation year                                                                                                                                                                        

Please read all of the important information and instructions before completing the online application. Eligible students need to have applied to graduate by using the Apply to Graduate module in Online Self Service.


  • President’s Outstanding Graduate Awards - $500 each

    These awards are presented annually by the President and are meant to encourage KPU students in all fields of study to excel in their program choice and participate in university, student and community activities that benefit others. One degree program graduate and one diploma program graduate will be recipients of this award.

    Criteria: These awards are presented to students who have completed all study in an individual KPU program, have demonstrated outstanding ability in their field of study, have contributed in a significant way to KPU, student and/or community affairs, and have applied and been accepted for graduation.

    A student may only receive this award once.

  • George C. Wootton Award (June Convocation only) - $850

    In recognition of George C. Wootton's outstanding dedication, service and contributions to the community college system, the Kwantlen Board of Governors has established an award in his name.

    Criteria: The recipient must have achieved significant academic success but need not have the best overall achievement. Contribution to the community and/or Kwantlen extracurricular or voluntary activities must be considered equally with academic success. All students are eligible regardless of program. In the event of a tie, the student with the most significant academic improvement will be given preference.


Students wishing to be considered for the above awards must provide a minimum of one faculty reference letter and at least one reference letter for volunteer/community contributions, as well as the online application. Instructors may also email references directly to


Only documentation that is emailed directly to will be accepted. 

  • Please do not hand deliver or mail your documentation
  • Documents must be in one PDF file and labelled as Your Last Name_Your First Name_Grad
  • Photos of documents will not be accepted


The Online Application is located by clicking on "Apply Here" below and logging in to the KPU Online Self-service (OSS) portal. After logging in, please follow these steps:

  1. Click “Student Menu" tab
  2. Click “Student Awards and Financial Assistance”
  3. Click “Award Application”
  4. Select Application Type " Term 20xx - Graduation Awards Convocation," click “Apply” and begin completing the application.
  5. Click “Yes” to the terms & conditions on the Personal Declaration page in order for your application to be submitted successfully.