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Town of Cochrane Business Licence Bylaw

Topic Subtopic Policy or Policy Excerpt Document location
food sales, access and procurement; mobile/street food vending;
Hawkers, Peddlers and Street Vendors shall be permitted to operate on any privately owned property within the Town of Cochrane, provided that a letter of permission from the property owner has been submitted with the Application and a Development Permit obtained from the Town’s Development Authority.
food sales, access and procurement; mobile/street food vending; A Business License issued to a Hawker, Peddler or Street Vendor of foodstuffs, fruits and / or vegetables, shall be withheld until the Applicant has produced a certificate from the Calgary Board of Health or such other authorized Health Inspection Agency stating that the vehicle or receptacle from which the applicant intends to sell produce is in a sanitary condition. Every such vehicle or receptacle shall at all times be subject to inspection by a Health Officer to ascertain that the said vehicle or receptacle and contents thereof are clean and sanitary. 4.5


Town of Cochrane
Document Type: 
Regulatory Bylaw
Level of Government: 
Consolidated 2017
Population Range: 
25,000 – 75,000