Sustainable Agri-food Systems Research Group


The Sustainable Agri-food Systems Research Group is an applied research arm of the Institute for Sustainable Horticulture. Our focus is on developing tools, knowledge, and mechanisms to bring about regional-scale, environmentally sound, economically viable agri-food systems that can protect and preserve farmland against urban sprawl, increase community vitalitiy, and improve food security by promoting increased food production, distribution and consumption self-reliance.

In an era when more people live in cities than ever before, there is an increased disconnect between humans and the agri-food systems in which they are depended - a consequence of the 20th century industrialization and economic globalization. Today with rising food prices, peak oil, peak water, climate change and environmental degradation it is pertinent that we create resilient, bioregional food systems that are fully integrated within the planning, design, function, and economy of our communities and cities.

For more information about our research on Municipally Enabled and Supported Agriculture (MESA) and Bioregional Food Systems Design, please explore the "projects" section of our webpage.