KPU Brewing Beer Request Form

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If you have a special event coming up and would like to request beer from KPU's award-winning brewery, the KPU Brew Lab, please fill out the form below. We will be in touch to confirm details and product availability. 

For KPU policies regarding alcohol on campus, click here. To request permission to serve alcohol on KPU property, download the

Kegs | 20 Litres | $90 plus taxes and refundable keg deposit fee
Growlers | 64 oz $22-$24 w/growler jug | 32 oz $14-$16 w/growler jug
Cans | 6 x 355 ml | $16/$17 
Please contact us directly at for wholesale pricing.

Kegs | 20 L = approx. 55 x 12 oz servings
Growlers | 64 oz jug = approx. 5 servings | 32 oz jug = approx. 2.5 x 12 oz servings
Cans | each 355 ml can is approximately 12 ounces | one 6-pack = 6 x 12 oz servings

(Note: the KPU Brew Lab is a small teaching brewery, so we don't produce the same volume as a larger/full production brewery. Please be aware that we may not have enough product to supply your event, depending on the quantity requested.)

KPU does not rent or loan pouring equipment, except when hosted by KPU Brewing for university events. If you are hosting an external, private event and do not have pouring equipment, we recommend reaching out to an event or party rental company. For serving beer at it's best, we suggest a jockey box and CO2 tank or a portable kegerator when dispensing from a keg. 


  • If the event is being held on KPU property, please submit a Facilities Request here.
  • For details on Special Event Permit requirements to serve alcohol at your event, click here.* 
  • For the Serving It Right (SIR) certificate course and exam, click here.*

*If your event will be held on a KPU campus and catered by Chartwells or Grass Roots Cafe (or other caterer), please contact them directly about applying for a Special Event Permit and providing SIR-certified servers. 

Thank you for supporting KPU Brewing and student-brewed beer!

KPU Brewing Department

I am KPU:
How will you be serving the beer?
Serving size you're planning for:
Will any other alcoholic beverages be served?
Will food be served at the event?
Will Chartwells or Grass Roots (or other) be catering the event?
Has permission to serve alcohol on KPU property been requested or approved?
Please see the KPU 'Alcohol on Campus Form' PDF at the top of this page, as well as a link to KPU policies SR1 and BP1 for more information. You will also need to fill out a KPU Facilities event request form on Sharepoint/TDX, if planning to host your event on KPU property.