KPU Brewing Beer Request Form

Brew request form graphic

If you have a special event coming up and would like to request beer from KPU's award-winning brewery, the KPU Brew Lab, please fill out the form below. We will be in touch to confirm details and product availability. 

Kegs | 20 Litres | $90 plus taxes and refundable keg deposit fee
Growlers | 64 oz $22-$24 w/growler jug | 32 oz $14-$16 w/growler jug
Cans | 6 x 355 ml | $16/$17 
Please contact directly for wholesale pricing.

Kegs | 20 L = approx. 55 x 12 oz servings
Growlers | 64 oz jug = approx. 5 servings | 32 oz jug = approx. 2.5 x 12 oz servings
Cans | each 355 ml can is approximately 12 ounces | one 6-pack = 6 x 12 oz servings

(Note: the KPU Brew Lab is a small teaching brewery, so we don't produce the same volume as a larger/full production brewery. Please be aware that we may not have enough product to supply your event, depending on the quantity requested.)


  • KPU does not rent or loan pouring equipment (e.g., jockey box; C02 tank; etc.). 
  • If you are hosting an external, private event and do not have pouring equipment, we recommend reaching out to an event or party rental company, such as U-Need-A-Bottle, or your caterer. 
  • For serving beer at it's best, we recommend using a jockey box and CO2 tank or a portable kegerator, IF dispensing from a keg. 


  • For details on Special Event Permit requirements to serve alcohol at your event, click here.* 
  • For the Serving It Right (SIR) certificate course and exam, click here.*


  • If the event is being held on KPU property, please submit a Facilities Request here.
  • For KPU policies regarding alcohol on campus, click here (search 'alcohol').
  • To request permission to serve alcohol on KPU property, download the Alcohol on Campus Form
  • As well, make sure to have the expense of alcohol included and approved on your Hospitality and Entertainment form
  • *If your event will be held on a KPU campus, please contact your caterer about applying for the Special Event Permit and providing SIR-certified servers. 

Thank you for supporting KPU Brewing and student-brewed beer!

KPU Brewing Department