What's Happening

This is a pivotal moment for KPU and we want you to be a part of it! A draft KPU2050 Campus Master Plan has now been prepared, based on the many comments received to-date from the KPU community and our neighbours.

The draft Plan outlines a shared long-term vision for all of KPU’s five campuses, along with a set of guiding Design Principles. Specific to our four physical campuses at Surrey, Tech, Langley, and Richmond, the Plan conceptually illustrates and outlines recommended directions related to the future of our buildings, open spaces and how we get around and connect to our campuses.

Acknowledging our sustainability commitments and aspirations, the Plan also identifies recommendations that are intended to deliver a pathway towards carbon neutrality and a more sustainable and resilient future.

The draft Plan further outlines a set of Indigenous Principles that will inform how we think about our KPU campuses today and in the future in relation to the land, people, and activities that take place on them, and in doing so, deepen KPU’s efforts towards reconciliation. 

Please check out our vision, principles and design concepts included in the Draft KPU2050 Campus Master Plan here.