Achieving Academic Success

Start your semester on the right track.
Choose strategies and develop skills to achieve academic success in university.
Our Academic Success Strategies for Learning and University 101 give an overview of the key study strategies that lead to success.
For a step by step guide to your first semester, check out Your First Semester in 13 weeks.

Academic Success Strategies for Learning

Academic Success Strategies for Learning is a brief booklet that gives an overview of a variety of useful ways you can learn most efficiently.

Ways to Achieve Academic Success Book Cover
You can access this document as a PDF here:…

To work in more depth and increase your competencies for learning, use the following materials

University 101: Study, Strategize, and Succeed

University 101: Study Strategize Succeed helps you to create a strong foundation for post-secondary studies by helping  you learn how to learn.  By taking the time to read this book and work through the exercises included, you are investing in the skills that will support you in all of your classes and future learning. 
Successful students share a set of skills and habits in common.  The good news is that these skills are not a secret; anyone can learn the skills that support successful learning. By taking some time to learn proven study strategies, you will be able to reach your learning goals, and avoid the pitfalls that can take you off-track.

University 101

Your First Semester in 13 Weeks

Welcome to KPU! Your first semester will be filled with new experiences and learning opportunities, and you should aim to do the best that you can throughout the semester. In order to help you to stay on track, click on the weeks below to see what skills, resources, events, and information, you should be familiar with at every point during the semester. If you have questions about any of the information provided in each week, please do not hesitate to visit the Learning Centre at any KPU campus! 

Let's get started! 

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