Business Quantitative Studies

Message from the Chair 

Welcome to the Business Quantitative Studies department, more affectionately known as "BUQU".

Our Course

Business Statistics and Business Mathematics help students acquire the analytical, technological and problem solving skills they will need to solve real world business problems and better understand personal finance and business decision-making. For example:

  • If presented with two business offers, how do you determine which is the best offer to take?
  • How does a firm determine if their product or service is preferred significantly more by consumers than the competitor's?
  • If you put aside $25 a month starting now, will you have enough money to retire at age 65?
  • What is the likelihood of winning the lottery? (Well this one is not really a business application, but it is still worth knowing!)

Our Faculty

Our faculty aspire to make the student learning experience a "significant" one.  We aim to teach students skills that extend beyond the course content; these skills include critical insight, information literacy and integrity. We are committed to enhancing the student learning experience through student engagement and innovative teaching methods. 

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New Course(s) being offered

BUQU 3230 Applied Decision Analysis

Course Description: Students will learn to identify those business situations that require formal decision-analysis, to select the appropriate computer model, to run the model using computer software, and to interpret and describe the results. Students will investigate several case-studies portraying both good and poor decision-making skills and will make a formal presentation of their findings in a group setting.

Students will learn to determine the optimal strategy for an organization, and to present a persuasive case for the adoption of that strategy.